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Dentures are often the cheapest and most convenient way to replace a missing tooth. If the teeth adjacent to the gap are not suitable for a fixed replacement, then this would be a preferred option.

There are 3 types of denture material. Acrylic only, acrylic + metal (Cobalt chrome), and Valplast (flexidenture). They can either be partial dentures to replace certain teeth, or full dentures.

Acrylic dentures are simple to construct and are often the NHS choice. However they usually rely on retention from adjacent teeth, which can cause problems with the surrounding gum.

Cobalt Chrome
(acrylic + metal) dentures are very often beneficial to standard acrylic dentures because you can use metal clasps to grip adjacent teeth, so they have better retention without affecting the gum so much. They are also thinner and stronger, so preferable for people who often break their dentures.
They are more expensive and more difficult to make, and because they have metal components often these can be visible, so it looks like you're wearing dentures.

Flexidentures (Valplast) are a relatively new concept in dentures. They are made of a flexible material that engages undercuts for excellent retention. They do no use any metal so they have excellent appearance.
They are relatively straight-forward to construct but they are more expensive. They also, like acrylic dentures, sit on the gum margin so can cause plaque retention. They are also more difficult to adjust and more difficult to clean. Over time they can collect staining unless you use special cleaning products.