Looking for an option to replace your denture with fixed teeth? We can help you with this

Nothing is as good as your natural tooth, but Dental Implants are often the next best thing. The reasons for this are:

  • It is a fixed item so no need to take it in and out

  • You can get rid of your partial denture

  • Excellent long-term survival rates about 95%

  • No need for extensive preparation of adjacent teeth

  • Can fix to existing full dentures with attachments so great for people who struggle with loose dentures

  • Can get excellent appearance with an 'emergence profile'

  • Will significantly improve your quality of life

It is not suitable for:

  • Smokers

  • Patients with gum disease

  • Anything less than excellent oral hygiene

  • Areas where the implant may be close to a vital structure, such as a nerve bundle.