Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

We provide a home-use tooth whitening system which involves wearing custom-made trays containing bleaching gel that are worn for 2 hours per day.


Current price £200

The bleach we provide is 16% carbamide peroxide gel (the equivalent of 6% hydrogen peroxide). A recent EU directive has been amended that states the following:



  • The new Regulations allow the use of hydrogen peroxide and other compounds or mixtures that release hydrogen peroxide, including carbamide peroxide and zinc peroxide to be used for tooth whitening.

  • The maximum concentration that may be used for tooth whitening under the Regulations is 6% present or released. In broad terms, 10% carbamide peroxide content would yield a maximum of 3.6% hydrogen peroxide.

  • Thus, the commonly used products containing 16% carbamide peroxide would be permitted under the revised Regulations because they would normally be releasing less than 6% hydrogen peroxide.


The Regulations set out that products containing or releasing up to 6% hydrogen peroxide can be used, subject to conditions:

  • To only be sold to dental practitioners

  • For each cycle of use, first use by a dental practitioner; or

  • Under their direct supervision, if an equivalent level of safety is ensured.

  • Afterwards to be provided to the consumer to complete the cycle of use.

  • Not to be used on a person under 18 years of age.

The dentist should carry out an examination before embarking on a course of tooth whitening, to determine whether tooth whitening is a suitable treatment option for the patient. A detailed contemporaneous record should be kept of this examination, detailing the consent process including your discussion with the patient about the risks and benefits of the treatment.

It is perfectly safe for the teeth and gums, and this system is the most cost-effective method. It takes about 2 weeks to get through the course but by the end they will have lightened by as a many as 4-5 shades.

The benefits of this system are:

Simple and effective
Save you money
You can use it as often or a little as you like
There is a gradual increase in shade, so when you are happy with their shade then you can stop
You will get the same result at the end as you would do if you paid a lot more money for 'power whitening'

Disadvantages include:

You will likely get some sensitivity, this is the case with all whitening systems
It takes a while - you have to put the effort in yourself
No whitening system will change the shade of existing fillings or crowns