***Please be aware that Dentistry in Wales has been put on RED ALERT***

The Welsh Government has put in place the following measures to protect the public and the dental workforce from COVID-19. From IMMEDIATE EFFECT:

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, dental services have been reduced in line with Welsh Government guidance.

As a result we are no longer carrying out routine examinations and procedures. Most dental procedures generate an aerosol which can potentially spread COVID-19 across the room.

If you have an urgent dental problem between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday you can still contact us and we will still be able to give professional advice. Please use the Livechat box to send us a message and we will be able to intercept it immediately from home. We will then contact you as soon as possible. For evenings, weekends or bank holidays and the problem cannot wait, please ring Out of Hours helpline 02920444500.

You will be assessed by our dedicated professionals and we may offer limited treatment in certain appropriate cases, such as a tooth extraction. We can also remotely prescribe antibiotics if we judge it appropriate. If you need to contact us, please try to do so in the morning, otherwise a prescription or a referral to an urgent dental centre will likely be delayed. 

It should be noted that a genuine dental emergency involves either spreading infection, severe toothache that is not responsive to painkillers, severe dental trauma, uncontrollable bleeding from the mouth or a painless ulcer that has been present for more than 4 weeks. Unfortunately some toothaches or broken teeth will regrettably have to be managed with painkillers only - unless you accept an extraction and it is clear that it would be uncomplicated. In severe cases a referral to the University Dental Hospital may be appropriate.

We thank you for your patience and cooperation in reducing pressure on other services that will be under extreme pressure in these testing times.

General Advice 

If you have toothache, try to manage it with painkillers and see how it settles - give it 4-5 days if you can which is the average time for a tooth nerve to die off and would then settle for the time-being. You will need to return for a check-up when the lockdown is lifted. Adults may take 2 x 500mg Paracetamol up to 4x daily. Over the counter you can buy Co-codamol 8/500 which can be taken 4x day on it own not with any other painkillers. We are advising against Ibuprofen if you suspect you may have been exposed to Covid-19, otherwise you may take 400mg 3x daily in addition to Paracetamol. For children follow the advice for dosage according to age on the medicine's advice sheet. If you are unsure try to speak to you pharmacist.

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If you have lost a filling or broken a tooth, this can be left if it is not currently causing you pain. Most patients' complaints (if any) involve sensitivity to hot or cold if the fractured area is exposed, or a sharp edge that is cutting into the the cheek or tongue.  You could try buying a dental temporary filling kit online if you can find one and you think the cavity is big enough for it to hold in there. Otherwise we are advising using an emery board to smooth down any rough edges to get you by.

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If a crown has fallen off, this is either because the tooth underneath has fractured or it could be a simple de-bond. If the crown is hollow then you could try relocating it and hope it stays in. You could try buying a temporary crown cement kit online if you can find one. If the crown is not hollow and contains a broken fragment of tooth or filling, then it will not be able to be re-cemented at all. We can only offer our apologies if this is a front tooth but performing dentistry to repair this requires aerosol which is currently strictly forbidden. When crowns come out the pain (if any) is usually sensitivity to hot or cold only so try to manage this by avoiding the area.

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If you have bleeding gums, this is rarely serious and some good oral hygiene should clear it up. Try using an electric toothbrush, Corsodyl mouthwash and interdental brushes such as Piksters or Tepe brushes. If these do not fit in between your teeth then try flossing. This video is really helpful. If the bleeding persists, is very tender and producing a bad taste/smell, and your gums look a little grey in areas, then this may be an infection and require antibiotics in addition to good oral hygiene.

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If you or a child has knocked out a front adult tooth, and its root appears to be intact, you MUST attempt to replace it back in its socket immediately. If there is dirt, you can either rinse it off quickly with water, milk or lick it off. Once back in, bite on a handkerchief to keep pressure on the tooth. If you can't get it back in, you must store it in either milk or in your mouth next to your teeth. Call us immediately or the out of hours number.

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If you are suffering wisdom tooth problems, this is often because the tooth is partially erupted and a flap of gum sits over the biting surface of the tooth. If is often made worse by trauma from the bite. If it starts to niggle, try to clean it as well as you can with a soft brush, use Corsodyl mouthwash, keep food away from that side and take painkillers. They usually resolve by themselves but if the pain worsens, causes swelling or limited mouth opening, you will likely need antibiotics. 

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If you have noticed a mouth ulcer and it is painful, this is a common problem and the cause is not always known. They usually resolve after 1-2 weeks, there is no quick fix but you could try Bonjela or Difflam spray for some pain relief. If they persist for more than 4 weeks, or you have noticed a painless ulcer, you should get in touch and we will take a look to rule out anything serious. Usually they are caused by denture rubbing or a sharp edge on a tooth or filling, but please still let us take a look.

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For orthodontic treatment, if this is at the practice with Cfast then unfortunately all routine adjustments have had to be postponed during the lockdown. If a wire or bracket comes loose and is cutting into your gum or cheek, please let us know. If you are having orthodontic treatment at a specialist orthodontic practice, please contact them directly for advice.

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For some more information, please visit the BDA website here


Our Story

The practice was established by Tim's parents, Rob & Sheila Phillips, who have since retired from dentistry. In 2008 Tim came to Fairwater Green to take over the running of the practice and over the years has developed it into the four surgeries.

Extensive refurbishments were carried out to establish two additional new dental surgeries with the latest equipment and disabled access.

Our practice is a member of the British Dental Association’s Good Practice Scheme - the leading quality assurance framework for UK dental practices. 


This means that our practice is committed to keeping up to date with and providing quality dental care to nationally agreed standards of good practice in order to provide the best care for you – our patients.


We provide a high standard of dental treatment for you & your family.
We believe in honest and ethical treatments so you can trust us to look after your teeth.
We use composite (white) fillings as material of choice for all patients


Our current NHS list is currently full. Occasionally we accept new patients for short periods of time. Please check with reception for more information.


We provide a low cost fully comprehensive dental plan to make private treatment on continuing care easily affordable.

Tooth Whitening

Professional and safe tooth whitening service is providing by the practice. £200 for upper and lower.

Special Interest in Periodontics

Tim is accepting referrals from dental professionals and self-referrals from patients to treat periodontal (gum) disease.

Cosmetic Tooth Alignment with Cfast

We can provide short term orthodontics to straighten front teeth. Treatment takes on average 6 months on a non-extraction basis. Cost starts at £1200 for single arch


Looking for an option to replace your denture with fixed teeth? We can help you with this

Mouthguards for Sport

Playing contact sport? A custom-made mouthguard will protect your teeth from trauma much more effectively than shop-bought.

Cosmetic Composite Bonding

Recent advances in materials now mean that a smile makeover can be achieved by non-tooth-prep composite bonding to achieve a wondeful finish

As part of the Good Practice Scheme all members of our dental team have made this commitment:


  • We involve our patients in all aspects of their care and ensure that their needs and preferences are considered and that they can take informed decisions

  • We ensure a safe environment by undertaking risk assessments and managing potential hazards within the practice. We follow current guidelines for preventing cross-infection

  • We recruit staff that are competent to undertake the duties associated with their role and provide training where required. We encourage on-going professional development for all members of our team

  • We monitor the quality of the service we provide and seek the views of our patients to identify opportunities for improvement.

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